Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shine Your Light

At the beginning of this year my husband and I attended a parenting class. It was about preventing sexual abuse in children. I do not have the words to describe how awesome this class was but that is not the point right now.

The women teaching the class was standing there, passionate about what she teaches, what she believes in and what she wants to achieve in her lifetime. 
It was so inspiring! 
I remember sitting there and watching her as she said " I do this because in my lifetime I want to see the number of sexually abused children decline, the cycle of sexual abuse has to be broken - that is what I work for for the rest of my life". 
I was wowed! 
This beautiful women is so passionate about what she is doing and she just does it without being afraid of what other's might think of her and she gets the point across. Knowledge is power and I did feel the power. I left that class not with just great information about the subject but with a feeling that we all should shine our light. 

Be passionate about what you believe in. 
Teach others. 
Get the message across. 
Shine your light.

I always looked up at people who dedicated their lives to a single cause and gave it their all. Honestly, I didn't always understand, it seemed like so much work. 

I understand now. 

I guess that is something motherhood does to you. Or the life you are living. Or the situation you are in.

Whatever it is, if you found your passion you will know and it would be a waste not to share it. 
I found my passion. And as that wonderful lady said that she wants to see the numbers of sexually abused children decline, I will be doing everything I can to educate people on food, food safety, healthy food choices for children, the environmental impact our food choices have and I will not stop until the day everyone knows or I die. Which ever comes first.

 Changing the world - one meal at a time. 

I may have a small impact but I have one, that is all that matters. Imagine if we all do a little...

I will no longer give a crap if anybody thinks I am crazy or extreme or a tree hugger. 

And being called a tree hugger is a compliment by the way.

And yes, sometimes it is all so overwhelming that I want to roll up in a ball, lay in a corner and cry. But who are we to just want to give up??? We owe it to our children and future generations, to the environment, to mother earth, and everybody else who can not stand up for themselves.

With that said; be prepared I will be in your face!

love, n.

And this is Feather's website, the impressive lady mentioned above. She is amazing. Check it out, because we all want our children to be safe. Right???

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