Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fat, Sick and nearly Dead

I am always trying to figure out a way to get to people, to get people to understand what they put in to their bodies affects their health, their brain, their behaviour. I haven't found the right way yet.

But, today I watched a movie by Joe Cross, an Australian who was in his late 30ies; sick, fat and nearly dead!
He started juicing vegetables and took a challenge to only 'eat' juices with fruits and vegetables for 60 days.

The Movie is on Netflix, watch it, it is very inspiring.

for the Trailer click here

Joe goes on a road trip/journey through the states and meets a typical American truck driver (no offence please, but he was the stereotype, and like Joe; fat, sick and nearly dead)
The guy starts seeing his problem, starts tackling it, lives on juices for 60 days, continues to live healthier, loses 200plus pounds and inspires a lot of people.
What I like about him the most is how you can see that he got so much happier, how he could see the world and what was happening so much clearer, to say it really simple: he became smarter and smarter. And its all because his body was finally so relieved from not having to fight so many chemicals, fats, hormones and whatnot from fast food.

I will definitely buy a juicer now and do a juice fast every month or so. Honestly, for me it seems the easy way out from cooking! Haha, seriously, I am a total nutrition crazy person, but I still do not like to cook and come up with meal plans for the family. I probably shouldn't have admitted that but hey, I am just human. and a mom. (-: 
And as long as I still feed my family fresh and healthy food, I feel just find admitting that. (-;

Also, if you already have a juicer and love it (or not) tell me about it, I would like to figure out which one to get.