Saturday, July 21, 2012

Smoke was/is In The Air

I am always one step behind... I started writing this when we had all those crazy fires going on but never got a chance to edit it and publish. Well, according to some people in the fire business, it will burn again. So here it is... a few weeks late but you will be ready when you need it.


Air quality in Colorado's front range is really bad right now due to all the fires around us.
Little people, older folks and individuals with existing lung conditions such as asthma may be having a really hard time right now.

Here is how you can support your respiratory system through nutrition:

Eat clean foods.

Know what is in your food.

Sugar should be avoided.

Avoid processed white flour products.

Choose whole grains.

Read the ingredients in your packaged items.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as chicken, tuna, eggs and lower your carbohydrate intake.


Specific nutrients:

Omega-3 fatty acids, to protect cells and for their proper function and reduce tissue inflammation

Vitamin C, supports respiratory health with shortening the length of upper respiratory viral infections, promotes phagocyte cell functions, supports healthy T-cell function, antioxidant support at inflammation sites

beta-cryptoxanthin, a carotenoid, acts as an antioxidant

Zinc, helps Immune System keep viruses away, may help with stopping or reducing the length of an asthma attack

B-Complex, anti-stress vitamin and reduces homocysteine which can narrow blood vessels and therefore the oxygen supply to the cells

Dimethylglycine (DMG), improves oxygenation in lung tissue

L-cysteine, an amino acid, repairs lung tissue and also reduces inflammation

Calcium, has a dilating effect on bronchial muscles. (take with Vit. D for better absorption)


          Menu Plan for an asthmatic person.

Notes: Asthma in an individual may be caused due to a food allergy, environmental toxins, vaccinations, pesticides, chemicals and others. Some asthmatics may suffer from yeast/fungus overgrowth (candida albicans) due their diet and medications. (steroids given to asthmatic patients feeds the fungus). Sometimes individuals do not just have asthma but are sick frequently and bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics which further mess with the immune system and kill the beneficial bacteria in their GI tract.

Eliminating a possible food allergens will help the individual. 
Also eliminating foods that promote mucus production such as dairy and gluten is recommended.
Taking actions to reduce the mucus with warm drinks such as water with lemon juice can be very beneficial.
Individuals with asthma should stay away from food additives often found in processed foods or restaurants, food dyes, white flour products and sugar.
The diet in general should consist of whole foods, be low on carbohydrates, high on protein and no sugar.

Day 1 and Day 2
Warm water with lemon juice.   (mucus reducing)

Day 1
Gluten Free Oats with Almond Milk (unsweetened) and organic blueberries
(oats are a whole grain, almond milk can not have any sugar and blueberries for their antioxidant properties)
Day 2
different seasonal fruits, chopped and dipped in almond butter
(fruits for their vitamin contents and fiber, almond butter for essential fats and protein)

Day 1
leafy green salad with grilled or baked salmon, walnuts and garbanzo beans
(leafy greens reduce tissue inflammation, salmon contains Omega-3’s to reduce tissue inflammation and the garbanzo beans as additional protein)
Day 2
Vegetable soup (vegan broth with carrots, broccoli, leeks, onions, garlic, tofu)
(tofu is the protein, carrots have beta-carotene, onions and garlic to reduce inflammation, Broccoli is a particularly rich source of a flavonoid called kaempferol which may lessen the impact of allergy-related substances on the body)

Day 1
Brown rice with steamed vegetables such as carrots, green beans, Brussels sprouts and a baked chicken breast
(brown rice because its a complex carbohydrate, the vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and the chicken is a low fat protein)
Day 2
Tomato/Avocado/Onion/Tuna/Cucumber salad tossed with veganaise and enjoyed with organic sprouted corn tortillas.
(vegetables for all their vitamins and minerals, avocado for their healthy fats, tuna for their essential fatty acids and protein, cucumbers are blood cleansing, corn tortilla instead of wheat if gluten is a problem and corn is a whole grain)

(high in Vitamin C which protects lung tissues)
Raw nuts
(essential fatty acids)
Hummus with raw carrots, bell peppers
(hummus is healthy, lean protein, vegetables for their vitamins and minerals to fight inflammation)

If you would like this as a pdf, let me know, I will email it to you. I am still trying to figure out a new platform form my pdf's as apple discontinued mobile me. 


P.S.: this is an essay I had to write for an assignment for school. The sources for this information are NTI, study books, trustworthy online resources and personal experience. Test sources may be given upon request.


Disclaimer: Nutrition Therapy is a form of alternative medicine and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose a disease. Nutritional counseling does not replace regular check ups with a primary physician. Nutritional counseling may be sought as a support for better well being, better immune function and for educational purposes.

love, n.