Monday, September 17, 2012

Must READ! Seriously!

People, I know I can't ask you to take 1hour and 24 minutes out of your day to watch this video. Not everyone is as passionate about this as I am. BUT!!! It is important, it affects EVERYONE!
      You might be sick because you are eating genetically modified food, your kid may have allergies because of genetically modified foods, your husband might have diabetes due to infections because of genetically modified foods, your baby may have been born with autism because of genetically modified foods, you may have gastrointestinal problems because of genetically modified foods or you may never became a parent because of genetically modified foods. 

What I am asking you is to watch the FIRST 3 MINUTES!!! 

Jeffry Smith, the author of 'Genetic Roulette' came out with a movie and posted it full length on the website to watch for FREE until September 22nd 2012

I saw Jeffrey Smith at a Conference in Broomfield, CO in June and he is amazing! And so is Professor Huber who is also talking in the movie. Mr. Huber is probably the age of my grandfather, he is the one I saw with tears in his eyes and all chocked up when he was talking about families who can no longer have biological children and children who will always be single kids because they were conceived via expensive and new technology. And all because of pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified foods. 
And Jeffrey Smith said something I will never forget (not quoting, it was something along this line): It only takes 5% to create the tipping point! Meaning for only 5% of all the consumers in this country to avoid GMO's to create the point where big corporations have losses in their sales so big that they have to change something and come up with a new plan. And he also said ' Imagine you give all that info to Moms groups! If you tell them that GMO's are making their kids sick you just stand back and watch!' Isn't that the truth??? (-;
(so Moms, don't let me hang here!)

IT IS A PROBLEM PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!!!! And it is no longer a matter of being passionate about nutrition and food, it is a situation about being healthy or not healthy, about saving what we have left from our beautiful mother earth and about giving our children the chance for a healthy future and the possibility to become parents themselves one day. It is a time like never before to change this world for the better! You can not change what has been planted in the past but you can change what will be planted in the future! No excuses!

And by the way, this also affects Europeans! Yes, it may be labeled, but do you READ the labels????
And in Switzerland where there are NO GMO's, do you ever buy food in Germany? Do you travel to France or Holland? hehe, got you! Read the labels there or you might eat it! Thank me later. Try to watch the Movie first, not sure if it shows in Europe. Let me know if you tried!

And by the way. It took me 5 minutes to explain GMO's to my 5 year old daughter. How come that grown-ups tend to look at me like I am ready for the shrink when I tell them about the problem???

And if you watched it, please leave a comment here or even better, leave one at the genetic roulette website, those guys work hard and deserve to know that people care!

My GMO free Princess! 

with love, the crazy Mamma!  n.

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