Monday, January 24, 2011

Viruses and Nutrition

Did you know you can help your Immune System fight cold and flu viruses with eating the right foods and avoiding the bad?

If you or one of your family members is sick or feels like getting sick, the whole family should start right away:

eliminate sugar and dairy from your diet
(sugar and dairy are known to weaken the Immune System and if we have a weak Immune System, our bodies won't be able to fight any diseases)

eat a lot of greens!
spinach, kale, all that good stuff. or juice it with fruits in the morning.

add vitamin C
(up to 1000mg per day for an adult, 200-400mg for children)

elderberry juice or tea

use oils:
eucalyptus and thyme are known to fight cold's and flu's, mix a couple drops with some olive oil and rub it onto your chest, neck or feet. (also very effective for children)

get enough sleep (haha) and drink a lot of warm (SUGAR FREE) beverages


love, n.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

LABEL's and the GMO issue!

confused about the product labeling?

free-range - all natural - organic

do you think it is all the same? no, it is not.
free-range chickens might be able to run around, BUT do they eat what a chicken is supposed to eat? or do they get a dose of growth hormones and antibiotics with their breakfast?

here you can read it from the source:
USDA website:

understanding organic labeling:

and following is something near and dear to my heart and I think one of the most important issue we need to deal with NOW!!! we only have one planet, don't let it get to waste because of some idiots with too much money and the lust of power and wanting more!

avoid GM (genetically modified/engineered) food, and the best source to find info about what to look for while shopping is definitely the

here THE link to the shopping guide!
and this might be a 'shocker' for a few out there (I love them too, but will not buy them again)

"May contain GMO ingredients"
Boca, unless labeled organic
Morningstar Farms"
(source: true food network shopping guide)

as a general rule:
the big four to only buy organic (also read labels of processed products that might contain those ingredients) are:
corn, soy, canola oil, cotton (cottonseed oil)

With everything we buy we have a VOTE! take advantage of that, let's make sure there will be real nature and true food left for our children and grandchildren, protect the environment with buying non-GM foods!
it is up to each and everyone of us! NOW!

my girls helping me put away the organic fruit and veggie delivery

love, n.