Friday, August 24, 2012

School Starts - Support Your Kid's Immune System with these 6 simple tips

Last week we went to 'back to school night' at our daughters new school. 
As all the Kindergartner's sat around the table drawing something with the teacher my hubby says; 'look, first that kid took the marker in her mouth thinking about what to draw, after making a few marks on the paper the pen was put back into the basket, the next kid (our daughter) took it out and same scene different child; Marker in mouth, drawing, marker back in mouth and then back into basket ready for the next kid put his germs on it. 

I couldn't help but laugh! I wonder when they ever stop chewing on stuff. (-;

So, our kiddos will be exposed to a lot of more new germs and viruses now that school started and here are a few ideas on how we as parents can help strengthen their immune system:

1. A diet low in processed sugar: Sugar has a lot of negative effects on the immune system. 

2. Lot's of fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Conventionally grown produce lacks up to 60% of nutrients due to poor soil quality and pesticides sprayed on them. Offer a variety to have a lot of different nutrients. 

3. Zinc. Supplementation of Zinc for kids up to 30mg per day.  No longer than 3 months at a time and never on an empty stomach. Do not ever exceed 60mg from all vitamins containing zinc combined.

4. Vitamin C. Supplementation up to 1000mg per day. Vitamin C is water soluble and can not be overdosed. When the kid gets diarrhea it was too much.

5. Limit dairy. At the first sign of a cold or flu, limit or cut out dairy completely. Dairy is mucus producing and does not help with fighting viruses. 

6. Warm liquids: Herbal teas with raw honey.

love, n.

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