Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ice Cream!!!

Home made ice cream. Well, I guess the right term is Popsicle. We use the term ice cream for anything that is frozen and sweet. (-:

These are super easy to make with whatever fruits you have at home.

However, this is how I made ours and they turned out great:

Blend an apple with a sip of water and the juice of half a lemon. Fill the mixture in the Popsicle forms. Then the girls added chopped grapes and kiwi pieces. As many as they wanted. It made for a fun surprise when they ate the ice cream. 

Freeze them and enjoy.

The behind the scene kiwi story: 
Kiwi are NOT in season in this country right now ( just in case you were wondering) and our family is very conscious about where produce comes from. When we go through the produce section at the store, I tell my girls where the produce comes from and from which ones they can choose their favorites from. We try to stay local. Unfortunately this time with the Kiwi I didn't pay attention and my 3 year old chose them as her favorite item that day. And I said yes. And then I saw that they came from New Zealand. Ever shopped with a determined 3 year old??? Yeah, there is no arguing and she didn't really care about my explanation about carbon footprint and how ridiculous it is to eat kiwis from New Zealand in the United States. So we bought them. End of story.

So the next home made Popsicles will not have kiwi in them.

Love, n.