Thursday, June 12, 2014

GMO Education Series

I am super excited about this!

I am doing a GMO education series and hopefully you all will learn something.

I have talked to a lot of people lately about GMOs and everyone seems to know something different, has different information, different aspects they are concerned about or have no idea at all.

So, what could a nutritionist do about this? EDUCATE! Ha!

Here we go.

I wrote these short and easy to read pieces. They are labeled and work as a series and hopefully you all will find them educational and share them far and wide.

Everyone who eats needs to know about this so we can take back our food supply.

As consumers, we have the power!

We all need to do this together!

Organic, or as some of us call it 'food' will start to be affordable for everyone and non-organic will no longer make us ill.

Here is the first of the series, 'Basic 1'.

Click Here to download the document. 

with love, n. 

If you download the document, please leave me a quick comment below. Maybe I could keep track of how many people download the information. Thank you! I appreciate your support!

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