Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From Processed Foods to DIY lunchables

Back in January I did a presentation on lunchables for our neighborhood school's PTO meeting. Here is a quick overview from the presentation.

Modern health problems - Processed food. 

- 2/3 of the American Population is overweight. That is more than 50% which means it is MORE NORMAL TO BE OVERWEIGHT THAN NOT.

- Today we are raising the first generation of children that will NOT OUT-LIVE THEIR PARENTS

- In the last 20 years we saw a 400% increase in FOOD ALLERGIES, a 300% increase in ASTHMA and a 400% increase in ADHD
- 1500 to 6000% increase in AUTISM!!! *1

Why did this happen?

In the last 20-30 years, food quality as dramatically decreased. *2

Today's food has ingredients that have never been in our food before. GMOs, pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and altered oils are all contributing to toxicity in the body.

There is no limit of the number of pesticides that can be sprayed on produce. A conventionally grown apple has been sprayed 30 times before we buy it at the supermarket.

Processed food consumption has never been this high! The foods we are supposed to consume come without a label. If they have a label we need to read the ingredients and if there are words we can not pronounce or if we do not know what they mean, the item should stay in the shelf. 

The consumer has a lot of power. If we learn to read labels and refuse to buy products with artificial ingredients the companies will lose sales and come up with something better so they can make money again. It really is that simple. 

Lunchables are very convenient and inexpensive, I get that
However, have you read the ingredients lately?

I did on this one, just for you all to see the problem.

87 ingredients
less than 30 are 'real' foods

The remaining ingredients are preservatives, processed oils, sugars, artificial and natural flavors, food colorings (in the U.S. they are petroleum based and are associated with hyperactivity in children), processed salts, MSG (a neurotoxic chemical that makes a person addicted to foods containing MSG), Genetically modified foods, etc... 

So now make your own.

Organic Fruit Twist, Mary's Gone Crackers, Hummus, mixed Veggies

25 ingredients, cost approx. 2.30 USD

Seed Crackers, Organic Turkey, Apple Sauce, Organic Cheese Stick,
Carrot Sticks

22 ingredients, cost approx. 3.35 USD

Rice Crackers, Organic Deli Turkey, Organic Raw Goat Cheese, Red Pepper,
Apple - Sunbutter Sandwiches

16 ingredients, cost approx 2.65USD

Mary's Gone Crackers, hard boiled Egg, frozen Peas,
Smoothie (berries, spinach, banana, nut butter)

14 ingredients, cost approx. 2.30 USD

Leftover idea: Rice with Beans, and fresh chopped Pineapple

5 ingredients, cost less than 2 USD

Amy's Organic Burrito (Costco 1.30 each), frozen organic Raspberries

Burrito has about 12 ingredients, Cost: less than 2 USD

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with love, n.

Sources/Additional notes
*1From the Center of Disease Control website and Allergykids.org

*2Please note, I do believe that it is not just the food that is causing all this misery and ill children. It is a combination of things that have to do with modern life. However, I believe in controlling what we can control, and we certainly have the power to control what we feed our families. 

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