Monday, June 23, 2014

GMO Education Series Basic 3

Basic 3.

Learn how to avoid GMOs when shopping. 

There are more and more studies coming to the surface showing that GMOs are not a very good idea at all. Unfortunately, only a few people 'on the top' are scoring a profit from these pesticide resistant plants while we are left in the dark and deal with the consequences. 

Our family avoids them where we knowingly can. We eat organic and choose "Non-GMO project verified products". Because I know about the health and environmental effects and because we are fortunate enough that I CAN CHOOSE what my kids eat. 
Many cannot and please KNOW that I am fighting for you too! Every family should have the Right to Know what they are eating and every mom should be able to choose GMO free food for her baby! 

Blog post for Basic 1 here   download here
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Or you can download Basic 3 here

If you download the document, please leave me a quick comment below. Maybe I could keep track of how many people download the information. Thank you! I appreciate your support!

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