Friday, March 2, 2012

Polenta Pizza

This is a personal favorite!

It is a 'left over vegetable user' for sure. 
Polenta Pizza can be totally personalized to your taste and garnished with your choice of vegetables/fish/meats.

What you need:

(it is corn or maize and it has the cooking instruction in the back, it is also available in the bulk section of health food stores)
Vegan broth cubes
(to cook in the water with the polenta)
Daiya Cheese 
(non-soy, non-dairy cheese alternative) 
or organic Goat Cheese
Tomato Sauce 
(or Pizza Sauce)
Vegetables of your choice 
(Zucchini, Spinach, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Onions, dried Tomatoes, Leeks...)
Italian Herbs/Other Spices

How you do it:

Cook polenta according to package directions. 
CAREFUL! cooking polenta is dangerous, I am not kidding, it bubbles and splashes all over the place and can burn your skin. 
(yes, I once had a blister on my hand after cooking polenta)
Pour the cooked polenta on to a backing sheet covered with a parchment paper. 
Let sit for a little while, so the polenta gets 'stiffer' and doesn't sink in when you add the condiments.
(that might take about 30minutes. But here is an idea: you can also cook the polenta in the morning or even days before you are planning to make this dish, it safes you some time on the day you server this yummi meal!)

With a spoon add tomato sauce all over the polenta evenly and in a thin layer.

Chop your veggies in to small bite size pieces or however you like them. 
(I like my onions to stay in circles and my bell peppers in stripes, but that is just me. hihi)  
Distribute them all over the tomato sauce covered polenta.

Tip: you can also roast or stir fry some of the vegetables first. I like eggplants better when they were stir fried or roasted first. Roasting, stir frying or steaming gives some vegetables a different flavor!

Add herbs, pepper and salt to taste.

Last but not least add some cheese of your choice all over the vegetables. 
You can also skip the cheese and just drizzle some olive oil over everything.
(or really, add both, the cheese and the olive oil)

Bake in preheated oven at about 375degrees Fahrenheit for about 40minutes.

this dish is vegan and gluten free
this dish can also be for meat or fish lovers though! just please remember to use organic animal products for the sake of your health and our environments well being

for those of you who are watching the carbs, make the polenta layer really thin and add a lot of vegetables on top, the vegetable layer can be so much thicker than the polenta! (-:


If you feel like it, add a picture of your version to the facebook page of Holistic Family Nutrition. 
(the link for the fb page is on the right hand side of the blog)

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do!

happy cooking! love, n.

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