Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apple Chips with Cinnamon

 A great snack your kids can help with: apple-cinnamon chips

- Punch out the core of the apples.
- Slice them.
- Put the sliced apples in a bowl with two tablespoon coconut oil and cinnamon to taste and toss.
- Spread the apple slices on a baking sheet next to each other, do not overlap.
- Bake at 170degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours. Our oven doesn't go lower than 170, and the time depends on how thick the slices are. The lower the temperature, the longer they take, but also the more nutrients stay in the fruit. 

This could be a great school snack!

Have fun getting your kids involved in the kitchen, it is important for them to learn what it takes to prepare healthy food. They are also super proud of what they created and will more likely try something new. 

Love, n.

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