Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zucchini Recipe

My friend gave me this Zucchini squash she got from a friend's garden, and needless to say I was in HEAVEN.

This thing was still big even after my first Zucchini dish:

Here is the recipe for those 'kind-of-breaded-zucchini wheels'

what you need:

Zucchini squash (as much as you want)
1 egg
handful of oats
handful of whole grain flour (which ever one you have or like)
herbs (the ones you use to flavor up your veggies)

how you do it:

cut zucchini wheels to your desired thickness (mine were about 1cm)
crack egg into a plate, whisk it up
mix oats, flour and herbs on a plate

soak zucchini wheels in egg
'roll' the 'in-egg-dipped' zucchini wheels in flour-oat-herb mix so they are nicely covered

cook them with olive oil (medium heat) in a frying pan, about 5minutes on both sides


The next day I made stuffed Zucchini. 
Unfortunately they were eaten before I could take a picture.
Basically I just cut thicker wheels, about 2 inches, cut out the middle part so they look like a tunnel with very thick walls. I laid them out in an oven safe dish and filled them with cooked ground beef, chopped up cauliflower and yellow peppers. Sprinkled some fake cheese on top and baked them in the oven until the Zucchini got soft.

It is one of my husbands favorite dish and a meal we both grew up with. Bummer he wasn't here to enjoy it.

 And of course the ground beef was from the happy cows found here.

love, n.

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