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We try to only eat meat that we know where it comes from. And to preserve our beautiful Mother Earth we have to make sure to only consume meat from animals that were raised the way animals are supposed to be raised. 
We found the Four Sisters Farm through a friend who sent me the link.

So, we bought a share of a cow. She had a happy life eating grass - and only grass - on the western slopes in the Colorado Rockies. 

Check out their website here.

See for yourself. 
A pictures says more than a thousand words!!!
(pictures are downloaded from their website, with permission)

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Do you know whats in your meat???

Cows are supposed to eat GRASS!!! Nature made them that way. Today, most of the cows that will be slaughtered for the beef on your table is fed corn. Corn is cheap and genetically modified to withstand pesticides. Cows spend their sad life cramped together in a grassless pasture standing in their own manure eating GM Corn and other foods that make them fat and grow faster.
(I have seen and smelled them; on roadtrips through Nebraska along I-80 and through California along I-5)

(along I-80, Nebraska)

Cows are injected with Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) and rBGH (the genetically engineered version of BGH)

Everything the animals eat and get injected with, will end up in your plate as well.

In a one McDonalds hamburger might be the beef of a 1000 different cows.

To process large amount of beef artificial preservatives, sodium nitrite and chemicals are added.

Processed Chicken Nuggets contain several dozen ingredients.

Non organic meat contains more fat, and fat atracts and stores all the chemicals and polutions the animal ate through their food.

Organic grass fed beef is naturally very lean and contains the right amounts of all the different fats.

Read more here: 

'If slaughter houses had glass walls, everybody would be a vegetarian' paul mccartney

and now look at those cute cuddly cows again!!! 

love, n.

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