Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Most Forgotten Nutrient


 Here comes a post about water - the most important nutrient there is and unfortunately still not  accessible enough for all people on this planet!!!

(Tip for kids: have them choose their  BPA free water bottle and have it accessible for them at ANY TIME and ANY PLACE)

Do I drink enough water? a question we should ask ourselves from time to time.
Water is essential for survival, if humans do not intake water for 4 days or more we die!

How much water;
recommended are 1.5 -2 quarts of fresh, filtered water daily.
2 quarts equal about 2 liters, 8 cups or 0.5 gallon

Two thirds of our body is H2O: which makes it the most important nutrient.

Natural water (meaning typical spring water - which has the source deep underground) can provide significant quantities of minerals such as Calcium. In natural spring water 100mg Calcium can be found per quart. Which could make water a significant source of Calcium. Since tap water is not safe to drink in all cases and regions, bottled store bought water is the alternative to it. But while it does not contain any harmful bacteria or pollution the purification process also washed out all the good minerals and nutrients. A compromise I guess that has to be made.

Symptoms of not getting enough water;
mental confusion,
higher risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Other problems:
Diabetics or borderline Diabetics are often thirstier than healthy people, because the body tries to dilute the glucose level in the blood, but through drinking excess of water it can actually be more toxic for body cells.

Kids who are unusually thirsty may be deficient in essential fats.

Drinking sugary drinks makes you drink even more as well.

Can we drink too much?
Actually YES: the intake of too much water can lead to kidney failure.
(people on drugs such as Ecstasy may drink too much in fear of dehydrating and there are other drugs that disturb the normal thirst reflex)

But while only a handful of people actually die from drinking too much water, way more loose their live to not drinking enough.

So, my recommendation is:
Drink 8-10 glasses (8oz) of pure, filtered water daily. 
add more if you are working out, in hot weather or for weight loss
Add freshly squeezed lemon juice or herbal teas for some flavor if desired.

and make your body and yourself happy!

love, n.

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